Being diabetic and wanting a child

A diabetic woman who wants to have a child must speak with her doctor, because the conception must be done during a period where the blood glucose is well controlled, meaning a blood glucose level under 7 mmol/l before meals to lessen the chances of malformations for the child.

The pregnancy of a diabetic woman should be monitored, just like a risk pregnancy. If at the beginning of the pregnancy, the blood glucose is well balanced and becomes unbalanced at the last trimester, there is a risk of having a bigger baby.

The baby receiving all the excess glucose from his mother, his organism develops an overproduction of insulin to prevent harmful effects of the mother’s hyperglycemia. Since insulin has an anabolic effect, the baby gets bigger in the mother’s womb.

Oral diabetes pills must be stopped during pregnancy.

Because of those different elements, the diabetic woman must be carefully watched by an OBGYN, a endocrinologist and a pediatrician.

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