Insurance and SAAQ

Life insurance

The admissibility conditions and the premium for a life insurance are based on different factors:

  • Age
  • Lifestyle (smoking, etc)
  • Health problems
  • Date of diagnosis, type of treatment, complications, quality of control of the illness.

Some diabetic people may get life insurance by paying a higher premium, compared to other individuals. Some get their application refused. It is really important to consult various companies, because their criteria may vary from one company to another.

Some companies offer an insurance policy with a “health option” without any additional premium, but the eligibility and uphold depends on precise criteria.

If you have insurance when you are diagnosed with diabetes: you do not have to notify your insurer. Your insurance is maintained.

Medical insurance

In the case of a compelled collective insurance, the diabetic employee is automatically insured and pays the same premium as a non-diabetic employee.


Car insurance

Since January 1997, every insurance company decides the questions that will be asked concerning health matters. To be sure that you are covered, you must declare your diabetes.Your insurance company can refuse any payments in case of an accident, if you have made a false statement. A company cannot refuse to insure you if you have a valid driver’s permit.


Travel insurance

Most of the travel insurance company cover type 1 and 2 diabetic people. To make sure that the insurance policy that you hold is right, you must give your insurer all the information concerning your diabetes.

For trips under 23 days

To be eligible to an insurance coverage, diabetics must be in a stable health state and not have any changes in their medication (change of insulin, number of units of insulin or number of daily insulin injections):

  • 3 months preceding the departure, if you are a diabetic under the age of 55.
  • 6 months preceding the departure, if you are a diabetic of 55 years and over.

For trips over 30 days

It is better to give a health report from your doctor to your insurer. Do not hesitate to check with him what is required.

Driver’s license

The SAAQ must be convinced of all individuals’ aptitude to drive in a secure way. That is why certain conditions are imposed before issuing or renewing a driver’s license.

All individuals over the age of 75 are obligated to fill a medical report before renewing their permit (diabetic or not). This report is also required when you reach 80 years old and every two years after that.


Health condition

You must declare your diabetes condition. A false declaration may lead to criminal charges.

The SAAQ may possibly ask for a medical report from your family doctor or specialist. The frequency of these medical reports is established by the SAAQ and may vary.


Permit restriction or suspension reasons

  • Poor vision: being diabetic, you are submitted to the same visual standards as any other drivers.
  • Severe hypoglycemia: lack of concentration or change in the state of consciousness during a hypoglycemia may be dangerous for the driver and other people.
  • NOTE: the quality of control of your diabetes is considered by the SAAQ’s evaluation.

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