1972 :

A new section of the Association Diabète Québec is born and is named the Association de Diabète Québec, section de l’Estrie.


1973 :

The first general assembly is held and a temporary executive comity is set up. Mrs Yvette Lapointe, Mrs Marthe McCauley, Mr Gerard Thivierge, Mr Daniel Berthold, Dr Nicolas Kandalaft and Dr Khalil Koury are the members of this comity.


To 1973 from 1986 :

Under the presidency of Mr Daniel Berthold, members Mrs Pierrette Billard, Mrs Mireille Houle, Mr Jean Legault and Mr Daniel Lacombe, the association starts recruiting more and more members. Thanks to that more diabetic people, has access to information concerning diabetes.


1986 :

Our branch becomes a corporation under the name of Association des Diabétiques de l’Estrie et Région 05 inc. Mr Daniel Berthold is once again president and starts the Coopérative d’Entraide Diabétique, that will then affiliate with the Association Canadienne du Diabète. Later on, all their activities will cease here in Quebec.


1987 :

We now have a new president, Mr Jean-Charles Baril, who has also opened a Gluco Center, before he joined the Coopérative de l’Entraide Diabétique de l’Estrie.


1988 :

Mr Baril wants to dissolve the Association, but six people go against that idea; Mrs Yvette Lapointe, Mrs Béatrice Bolduc, Mrs Jeannine Lapierre, Mr Albert Bolduc, Mr Renaud Labbé and Mr Raymond Lemieux.


1989 :

Under the presidency of Mrs Jeannine Lapierre, the corporation becomes an affiliated association with the Association Diabète Québec.


1991 :

The Association des Diabétiques de l’Estrie et région 05 inc. Changes their name to L’Association des Diabétiques de l’Estrie Inc.


1996 :

The Association now has more than 700 members. But in the EasternTownships, there are more than 5000 diabetic people. There is still a lot of work to be done to reach them all.


2001 :

On the 1st of October, the Association des Diabétiques de l’Estrie is moving in its new office. The official opening date is June 26th 2002.


2004 :

The Association des Diabétiques de l’Estrie changes its name to Diabète Estrie.


2012 :

Diabète Estrie will be celebrating their 40th anniversary on November 14th

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