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    Mutual aid:

    • A well implanted network of affiliated associations all around Québec
    • Financial aid to a youth camp for young diabetics
    • Sponsoring of activities related to diabetes

    Phone line help service InfoDiabète:

    Toll free phone line Info Diabète or by E-Mail, allows people with questions about diabetes to get answers and to be referred to the person or organism that can help them as soon as possible:

    (514) 259-3422 p. 233
    (800) 361-3504 p. 233

    Favoring research

    With better prevention of this illness or treatments leading to a cure, we all hope to conquer diabetes one day. Research is the main way to get there.

    The Association Diabète Québec gives out research grants every year, to participate in the worldwide effort of research on diabetes. Since the future of research in Quebec is to develop the skills of students in sciences, medicine, psychology, pharmacy, physical education, we offer starting grants or summer grants, to students who work side by side with experienced researchers.

    We also offer funds to researchers who need financing to insure the beginning or continuity of their research.We have contributed in improving the knowledge in the following domains:

    • Diabetes mechanisms
    • Pharmaceutical research
    • Diabetes screening
    • Adapted physical exercise programs for diabetic people
    • Insulin producing cells transplantation

    Furthermore, the Conseil professionnel de l’Association de Diabète Québec (CPADQ) holds a scientific congress every year, so that participants get the latest knowledge on diabetes. 

    Defending the rights of diabetic people

    Diabetes control is complex and requires of the person living with this illness to go through major life changes. The person needs information, quality care and support to maintain a long active life.

    The Association Diabète Québec and its affiliated associations has always been there to defend the rights of diabetic people, with the government, health services and employers.

    The Association has defended the medical insurance file in front of the Parliamentary Commission, ensuring to all, access to medication at a reasonable cost.It started the Diabètaide Centres, so Québec people could learn more about diabetes and have a better control over it.

    It has increased awareness at the R.A.M.Q. and S.A.A.Q. on the benefits of modern treatments, with regards to driver’s licenses.It also permitted the introduction of new medication to improve care and avoid complications.

    It prevented discrimination of diabetic people at their work place.The Association is an up-front participant with the Canadian Diabetes Council and the International Federation of Diabetes.